Schools, parks and facilities nearby

Artists representation of the Town Square

An historic Tramway Corridor runs through Appletree Grove Estate. This feature is intended to recapture its transport function through the creation of a pedestrian pathway and cycleway, linking with other pathways and cycleways within (and external to) the estate.

In addition, the masterplan provides for passive and active parks, complementing a major sporting facility that is planned for a site immediately adjacent to the eastern side of the estate. Combined, these will provide significant recreational opportunities for residents. This will provide the first home buyer a great opportunity to purchase a Newcastle house and land package.

With large areas of existing vegetation to be retained on the estate, there will be a natural landscape setting to the development within an urban environment; the design of the estate will adhere to principles of water sensitive urban design. Where possible, integrated water cycle management will be adopted with grey water recycling. Furthermore, all residential development will meet required standards for energy efficiency and home design will be encouraged to feature elements such as natural heating and ventilation to minimise energy use. Retail and commercial development will meet the criteria for energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

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